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MCR Trading: The Latest CTA Product by Mobius Asset Management — With John McLane

In today’s episode, Nell Sloane speaks with John McLane, president and CEO of Mobius Asset Management. John speaks of his years in the futures industry and how he created the MCR Trading Program, a discretionary trading program based on both systematic trading models and fundamental analysis.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why John switched from pure systematic trading to a discretionary program
  • The history behind Mobius Asset Management and what lies ahead
  • The reason why John created this new CTA product and how he came up with the name
  • About all of the backtesting involved in creating MCR
  • And much more!

Tune in now and learn why the MCR Trading Program could be the program you need!

Resources:  Capital Trading Group: (800) 238-2610 | Mobius Asset Management

Inside the Metis Tactical E-Mini (MTE) Program — With Weiqin Dong

In today’s episode, Nell Sloane speaks with Weiqin Dong, the chief investment officer of Metis Asset Management Advisory and trading principal of Buckingham Global Advisors. Listen in as Weiqin walks you through the features of her METIS trading model and explains how she utilizes the S&P 500 E-mini futures. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Weiqin Dong created Metis Asset Management Advisory
  • What she learned when developing the MTE program
  • About the five components that Weiqin investigates to weed out the multitudes of trades
  • A bit of the personal side of Weiqin Dong
  • And much more!

Tune in now and learn how the MTE program may work for you.

Resources:  Capital Trading Group: (800) 238-2610 | Buckingham Global Advisors, LLC | Weiqin Dong

Learning the ABCs of Options — With Guest Scot Billington

In today’s episode, Nell Sloane takes you through the basic elements of an option with the help of guest Scott Billington, a chief investment officer of Covenant Capital Management. Given Scot’s rich background and experience in the market, it’s easy to see why Nell asked him to share his wisdom with you in this informative episode.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What exactly is an option?
  • How options are valued
  • What you should know if you want to become a better trader
  • And much more!

Tune in now and learn how to talk the talk when it comes to trading options.

Resources:  Capital Trading Group: (800) 238-26100

All About Auspice Capital’s Trading Style — With Tim Pickering

In today’s episode, Nell Sloane speaks with Tim Pickering, chief investment officer of Auspice Capital. After leaving a career as the head trader at Shell Oil in Calgary, Alberta, Tim hit a turning point that led to the launch of Auspice’s own CTA product. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About Tim’s journey prior to founding the CTA program 
  • The available access points for investment with Auspice Capital 
  • How Auspice Capital differs from many other CTA programs 
  • Which environments are most challenging for Auspice Capital to trade in
  • Why Tim believes that non-correlated alternative investments will be a core holding in all future portfolios
  • About Tim’s life outside of the trading world

Tune in to learn all about Tim Pickering and Auspice Capital’s trading style.

Resources:  Capital Trading Group: (800) 238-26100

Exploring Intraday Trading for Investors and CTAs — With Scott Andrews

Get ready for an informative episode about the opportunities that short-term intraday trading can bring to the table.

Today, Nell Sloane interviews Scott Andrews, CEO of InvestiQuant and principal of NUMERI Capital Management. He shares his experience in trading and how he goes about serving both CTAs and investors that are seeking alternatives and managed futures.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What inspired Scott Andrews to get into the trading industry
  • What Scott’s CTA product, NUMERI Capital Management, entails
  • Which ideal market conditions the NUMERI Capital program tends to thrive in and which conditions are challenging
  • About InvestiQuant’s purpose and value proposition to CTAs
  • How InvestiQuant enables its trader clients to test and prototype their own ideas without having to code
  • And more!

Tune in to meet Scott and learn how his products help CTAs and investors with trading.

Resources:  Capital Trading Group: (800) 238 26100 | NUMERI Capital | InvestiQuant | Scott@investiquant.com

Trading Styles — With Thomas Kochanek

In today’s episode, Nell Sloane speaks with Thomas Kochanek, founder of 1512 St. Gallen Capital Management. During his research at the University of St. Gallen, Thomas developed his own trading strategies, which now serves as the backbone for his firm.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About Thomas’s journey into the trading world
  • What drove Thomas’s decision to provide his trading style as a product to outside investors
  • About his Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) product, “Counter-Trend Trading Program”
  • How Thomas uses a trader’s commitment as a trading indicator
  • About Thomas’s trading edge and how he manages risk in portfolios
  • And more

Tune in to learn all about Thomas Kochanek’s trading style and his journey in the trading world.

Resources:  Capital Trading Group: (800) 238-26100 | 1512 St. Gallen Capital Management | Thomas.Kochanek@1512sgcm.com

Discussing Options as a Strategic Investment — With Author Larry McMillan

In today’s episode, Nell Sloane speaks with Larry McMillan, author of the bestselling book “Options as a Strategic Investment,” popularly known as the options bible. Larry has appeared on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Wall Street Journal, and he continues to make valuable contributions to the finance industry.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Larry got started in the finance industry
  • What led to the publication of his first book
  • Larry’s style of trading, the markets he trades in, and his overall strategy
  • What his newly launched product, Volatility Capture CTA Strategy, is all about
  • Which market conditions Larry considers to be ideal or challenging
  • An insight into his personal life
  • And more!

Tune in to learn more about Larry McMillan and gain insight into his trading strategy. 

Resources:  Capital Trading Group: (800) 238 26100 | Option Strategist | Options as a Strategic Investment: 5th Edition