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Seasonal Markets Weathering the Storm — With Charles W. Robinson III

In this episode, Nell Sloane speaks with Co-Founder and CEO of Bensboro Advisors, Charles W. Robinson III, CFA. Charles is also the managing principal of Robinson Value Management, which is run by his wife. The Bensboro Seasonal Futures Fund was created through the joining of Charles and his friend Matt Trump and was the sole account managed for four and a half years, allowing for the time needed to confirm the product was going to be successful.

 In this episode, you will learn:

  • What inspired Charles to work with managed futures
  • In which type of trading will seasonalities based spreads occur 
  • What is meant by Spreads Inter and Intro 
  • Why they had to incorporate outliers into the risk assessment
  • How the fund is faring in today’s violent marketplace 
  • And more!

Listen in for all you need to know about seasonal futures.

Resources:  Capital Trading Group: (800) 238-2610 | Bensboro Advisors | Robinson Value Management